A. Evolv Kitchen ships meals right to your door. We serve the entire state of Florida, via 1-2 day, flat-rate shipping.

Evolv also has a local delivery option for Central Florida residents, delivering to most zip codes in the Greater Orlando area.

A. Meals are packaged in microwavable & oven-safe containers & are delivered in our insulated shipping boxes with a combination of dry ice & freezer packs, that stay cold for up to 48 hours. We advise that your meals be refridgerated immediately upon receiving them. Always add ice packs when traveling with your meals.

A. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. Once your meals have been shipped via FedEx or are in route to be delivered to your home via Evolv Local Delivery, you will be notified with a fulfillment email. Where your meals are delivered to will ultimately determine what time you receive your meals.

A. Evolv Kitchen delivers locally 2x per week, every Wednesday & Saturday. Shipments via FedEx are sent out on Tuesdays & Fridays. 

A. All orders placed by the Wednesday (12am) deadline are delivered the following Saturday. All orders placed by Sunday (12am) will be delivered the following Wednesday/Thursday.

A. Our meals are prepared precisely the day before delivering them.

A. No preservatives are added to any part of the cooking process other than natural preservatives (i.e. Lemon Juice, Lime Juice, Salt, Vinegar). Any seasonings and sauces added are natural & scratch-made, in-house. 

A. Our meals do contain small servings of salt, for reasonable flavoring.

A. We use different types of cooking methods such as slow roast, sautéing and broiling to eliminate any excess calories and fats when preparing your meals.

A. At Evolv Kitchen, we understand the importance of accuracy in every part of your meal. We use a specific measuring method during production to ensure your meals are within a very tight macro range.