Active Refersion Accounts; New Implementations

1. As of October 23rd, Evolv Kitchen will begin discontinuing the baseline discount of 50% to all active affiliates.

All affiliates currently producing over 7 monthly conversions (based on October conversions) will be grandfathered into the 50% personal discount. All other Tier quals & quotas, however remain in affect. All other affiliates will fall under their respective tier according to October’s individual conversion rates.

All preexisting affiliate personal use codes will no longer be valid as of October 31st at the latest. All active affiliates must contact to reactivate their personal discount codes before this date. If you do not activate your new code with us, your discount codes will be terminated.

*Contact to receive your updated affiliate discount code.

Grandfathered Tier II Affiliates MUST produce a minimum of 7 conversions for the month of November and so forth, to maintain the 50% personal discount. Otherwise, if quotas are not met, you will be dropped to the next qualifying tier.

2. All other affiliates will fall under your corresponding tier according to your October performance (conversion totals).

3. Monthly Quotas are to be reached within the first and last day of each month. See the Affiliate Tier chart for details regarding member level quals, quotas, perks/commission rates, terms & conditions.

4. If at anytime individual conversions dip below minimums, you will be reverted back to the next qualifying tier.

*By continuing to participate in the affiliate program via Refersion tracking, discount code usage, or any other means of affiliation with Evolv Kitchen, you are agreeing to all  terms and conditions stated herein.