Prepared Meals Vs Meal Kits: What’s the Difference?

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One of the most common questions we receive is what is the difference between prepared meals and meal kits?

Meal Kits

In recent years meal kit companies have burst onto the scene, giving a new way to eat at home with the focus being on high quality ingredients and recipes, in a convenient package, delivered to your doorstep. According to Neilson, only about 9% of Americans have actually utilized a meal kit delivery service. The biggest difference between prepared meals and a meal kit is the fact that you still have to cook the food delivered in your kit. In a world of convenience, feeling pressure to cook and prepare a meal that you paid a premium for at the end of the day doesn’t necessarily feel as convenient as it may be advertised. If you don’t like the recipes you receive, or lack the general motivation to cook regularly, you are not simplifying your life, which is probably the reason you ordered your meal kit in the first place.

Prepared Meals

A prepared meal, in a nutshell, is food already prepared for you. The meals that are delivered to you arrive ready to eat. Think of it like takeout, which we all find convenient, however, prepared meals can be pre ordered, are typically healthier, and allow for much broader cuisines then your typical pizza and Chinese delivery. Instead of coming home to a box of ingredients on your doorstep, you are greeted by pre-packaged, pre-weighed, and ready to eat meals for family dinners, lunches for the work week, sticking to a diet or simply for the convenience.

Evolv’s Approach

Our approach to prepared meals originally was inspired by the way athlete’s meal prep. When in the gym or trying to attain a physical goal, being accurate with your nutrients and planning out your diet can make or break your progress. We know not everyone is trying to be the next Arnold or Michael Phelps, but our philosophy is that everyone should have easy access to healthy prepared meals, no matter what your lifestyle may be. That’s where we come in; taking the guesswork out of meal prep, and the bland out of healthy. Evolv with us, browse our signature meals or contact us today!